SEAMEO RECFON held a linear/goal programming (LP) workshop on the finalization of local-specific food-based recommendations (FBRs) using Optifood in collaboration with the Indonesian Nutrition Vocational Education Association (AIPVOGI) on 1-3 December 2023 in SEAMEO RECFON Salemba Office. The participants of this workshop were vocational students, lecturers, and researchers from various health polytechnics in Padang, Cirebon, Yogyakarta, Makassar, Jakarta, Bengkulu, and Kupang.

Each topic in this workshop was delivered by the LP Team of SEAMEO RECFON, Dr. Umi Fahmida, Indriya Laras Pramesthi, M.Gizi, and Arienta Sudibya, M.Sc.  Following the online sessions on the LP input preparation, the participants were guided on how to check diet, identify problem nutrients and dietary inadequacies, select the potential nutrient-dense foods, compare alternative FBRs, and select the final FBRs.

This workshop is part of collaborative work between SEAMEO RECFON and AIPVOGI to standardize the dietary data collected during the yearly course on Nutrition Program Planning (Mata Kuliah Perencanaan Program Gizi) for use in developing and promoting FBRs.  In this workshop, the participants from Padang, Cirebon, Makassar, and Yogyakarta also presented their progress in developing their FBRs for different target groups i.e., pregnant mothers, under-five children, and adolescent girls.